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How Many WordPress Plugins Do You Actually Need?

I was just adding some plugins to a couple of my clients’ WordPress websites and noticed there are 99 pages of plugins under the popular category from the WordPress plugins section. Holy Moly, that is a lot of plugins! Thank goodness for the popular tags directory and search by keyword box. Without those, some people […]

Choosing Colors For Your Website – Which Colors Suit Yours?

Picking color theme for your website is often exciting and confusing experience. Should your website’s color theme represent your branding and identity? Does blue works better than green? Are there some psychology reason behind all the colors used on your site?

User Experience: Make it Easy to your Customers

People loves a good user experience when they are looking for an information on the Internet. There are many things you need to consider when it comes to building a good user experience for your website, especially accessibility and the quality of your website such as providing clarity about your services and products.

What Your Website Need: Call to Action Button

You have a nice website with great information about your business. You have a lots of visitors and potential customers visiting your website everyday. But you are not getting much phone calls or emails – which mean that your website does not converting well.