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Common SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them – Poor or Duplicate Content

We all know that the content is the king in the online marketing business. Hence, the matter of it being duplicate and used previous at some other site is highly critical these days as it can even lead the search engines to blacklist the domain, ban the site or execute other severe measures.

Hence, in the Internet Marketing, it is one of the key questions to be solved as to how an individual who use private label articles should save himself from getting penalized and what actually constitutes duplicate content.

What can be done about it?
Similar to the situation that- No individual is actually aware about the amount of penalty applied on the duplicate content carrying sites by the search engines, there is no one who knows the key way out on how to avoid getting trapped in such penalty. Let us discuss about different approaches people follow-

Overlook the Problem
Perhaps, this is not a good solution, people still practice it. A number of people ignore the issue and are satisfied to put the duplicate content on their sites with the acceptance that eventually they will be downgraded and deindexed. They enjoy the free traffic on their sites for at least several months before getting penalized as the evidence suggest that although the search engines are on the continuous lookout of copied contents, they take some time for detection.

Gap and Phrase analysis
It is assumed that the algorithm works on the principle of creating a fingerprint for every web page by analysing unique phrases which are present on it and the amount of characters between them. Assuming this theory to be true, one will not be able to avoid getting penalized by altering the minor portions of the content on the page.

At least 30% of the content should be Unique
Search engines particularly run on the algorithms which are not predominantly interested in the content of the page, but are more concerned about the whole copy which is appeared on the page. Hence, the writer can create the conclusion paragraphs, introductory paragraphs and the remaining copy can be used within the content to increase the number of words. Many people follow this idea and adding a cherry to it is the information that there are many softwares available online which automate this process.

Each Sentence Checking for Duplication
The concept here is that the search engines check the content sentence by sentence and if enough sentences appeared to be copied from some other page, the whole page is estimated to be copied content.
One can make minor changes in the contents in order to avoid getting trapped in such situation. This can be done by using synonyms for maximum number of words present in the content.

No matter which theory you follow, there are always chances of penalties in the long-run until you chose to consciously write unique content for your website. It will take a little more of your time but the results you will get out of it will be worth working for.

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