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Choosing Colors For Your Website – Which Colors Suit Yours?

Picking color theme for your website is often exciting and confusing experience. Should your website’s color theme represent your branding and identity? Does blue works better than green? Are there some psychology reason behind all the colors used on your site?

When you are developing websites, you need to decide on the color of your website. This could be a difficult task if you don’t have an existing branding theme for your business. It’s a good starting point to work on your website color theme based on your company’s identity or company logo, if you already have one. If you don’t, you probably have to work on that first.


Red is passion. It shows energy and determination. It also stands for danger. Red catches the eye and often used to highlight important area on the website such as Call to Action button.


Blue is one of the most popular website color. It shows trust, stability and objectivity. Blue is the most favorite color among financial institutions and consultant service providers.


Green reflects nature, harmony and hope. It can be found on many websites related to the environment, nature and health. Green also often used in Call to Action buttons, as a signal to the audience that this button is ‘good to go,’ as in the traffic light.


Yellow is cheerful and stands for creativity youth and optimism. Yellow also can be used to emphasizes important notes on your website, similar to the effect of the highlighter.


Pink is often associated with feminine and girlish. However, darker shades of pink can produce a credible professional and business websites.

Purple / Violet

The color purple resembles creativity, knowledge, elegance and luxury. It’s a good alternative if you don’t want to use blue. want to embody.

Black And White

White background is a common colors used on the internet. White stands for simplicity and is suitable for a variety of color combinations., especially with blue. Black background is often used in creative and modelling agencies, as it adds a mysterious characters to the business identity.

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