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So You Want a Cheap Premium Quality Website Ready by Tomorrow?

There’s an old saying, one of my favorites that applies here:

“There’s fast, there’s cheap and there’s good. You get to choose TWO.”

You have three alternatives: 

Cheap and Good

Use your own time to develop your website. No out of pocket costs – there are lots of free courses out there for you to begin with, and you already know that this works well in terms of getting the results you’re looking for.

Downside: You give up on Fast. This choice takes time away from other business activities that might be more productive for you.

Fast and Cheap

Continue to cheap out on ready made web design. At least this way you don’t have to spend much of your own time learning and developing your own website, and on ready made, template based website, it doesn’t cost much.

Downside: You give up on Good. You’re not getting the results you want and potentially damaging your brand by showcasing ugly website. Plus, you’re totally wasting your money.

Fast and Good

Hire experienced, qualified Malaysia web developer at market rates to create high quality website for your business. You will have at least a chance of getting a platform comparable in quality to what Fortune 500 company have (except for this website, but I will tell about this another time)

Downside: You give up on Cheap. It will cost you more. Possibly a lot more.

As another old saying goes: “You get what you pay for.”



Syaf is the Founder at Brand Chapter Agency, a branding and web design agency with clients across all industries.

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