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What Your Website Need: Call to Action Button

You have a nice website with great information about your business.
You have a lots of visitors and potential customers visiting your website everyday.
But you are not getting much phone calls or emails – which mean that your website does not converting well.

So, I’m going to share about the psychological side of the Call To Action Button (CTA button). Ever wonder how something as simple as a button can increase your website conversion?

1. Attractive Color Button

A yellow button, for example, shouldn’t be use if the theme of your website is very green.

In order to trigger a call to action button, you can make two assumptions;

  1. Let the color of the button contrast with the rest of the website,
  2. Choose a color that evokes a certain feeling to your visitors

When your website is predominantly red, green CTA button will quickly draw the attention and the visitor will be unconsciously more likely to click it.

If you choose not to make the colors on your website contrast, you will have to choose a color that fits your niche or product. Black indicates luxury and it’s ideal if you are selling luxury watches.

Blue radiates confidence, making it a popular color among financial institutions. Orange encourages action.

Use this if you want visitors to register directly or directly purchase a product.

2. ‘Clickable’ Text

The purpose of the CTA button is to make someone make an action directly, so use a clear, attracting text on the button.

The text on the button must be specific. For instance, ‘Download Now‘ work much better than ‘Click Here‘. Make use of active verbs such as ‘buy’, ‘compare’ or ‘order’, depending on the product and the service offered.

Finally, it is important to create a sense of urgency. Fear of missing out plays a role when it comes to making a purchase. ‘Ask for a quote NOW’ will encourage more action and produce more results than ‘Request for a Quotation‘.

3. Shape and Size

A Call To Action Button should be seen as a digital form of an ordinary button so it must look visually familiar to the visitors.

Think of a doorbell.

If you want to create a good converting CTA button, you’ll do well if you can emulate the characteristics of a doorbell to the button on your website.

Round buttons may work well, even if they are not common. However, round buttons are in fact, not really useful if you want to put a text on it.

Therefore, for a text button, rectangular shape would be the best option. Or you also have the best of both worlds together – by using a rectangular Call To Action Button, with rounded corners!

Do not forget to make the button big enough to see. More than 70% of the current Internet users are mobile users. A mobile visitor may missed the CTA button if the size is small. Make the button big, but not too big.

4. Location of the Button

So now you have set the best color for your CTA button, matching with the color of the website. You put captivating text on it and the shape is perfect. Good.

Where should you put it then?

Firstly, it can be chosen to place the button above the ‘fold‘ – the portion of your site which can be shown when first entering the site without scrolling down at all.

Over 80% of website visitors take their time above the fold area, so this is one of the good location to place your CTA button.

Secondly, you can put the button at the bottom of your site. This is a common logic shared among experienced web designers. In fact, it is based on the oldest marketing formula in the book, the model AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The visitor’s attention is captured, his interest has grown, he is ready for your product or service: now bring it on!

Finally, you can put the button directly below the fold, especially useful when your CTA button has a fairly long text. Your visitor has just finished scanning, has an idea what he wants, but is not yet sure about it. He therefore, still have enough energy left to see your relatively long button in full attention.

Now, that’s a wrap. If you need help creating a website that converts, click the button below NOW (see, I’m practicing what I preach), and lets start talking!

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Syaf is the Founder at Brand Chapter Agency, a branding and web design agency with clients across all industries.

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