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5 Ways to Rank Better in Google Search Result

The most common question I get asked by my clients – how do we rank our website to be on the top of Google search? Unfortunately, I don’t have a simple answer to that. There are hundreds of ranking factors that need to be considered which it’s almost impossible for us to execute even half of them.
However, here are my 5 best practise to rank better in Google result.

1. Proper keywords usage. Use only relevant keywords to a specific topic you are focusing on. Never overuse them. Apply those keywords on your title, meta description and heading tags. Make sure your article contains the same keywords.

2. Good content. Short and compact articles that focus on the topic are much better than pages of report that full with irrelevant stuff. You might have write some topic about something that others already published, but as long as the content is good, unique and useful to the readers, your chance to rank better in Google is much higher.

3. Slow performance website. This is a pretty technical part if you don’t have any idea about web development. If your website takes long time to load, then you need to optimize it. There are many factors that affecting the speed of your website. If you are not sure how, I can help to analyze and improve the speed of your website.

4. Utilize the social signals. Share your website content to social sites. Let it be seen by your friends and followers. Engage with them if they comment on your shared post.

5. Generate links to your website. If other people doesn’t put your website link on their website, it’s hard for Google to recognize your page. If more people shared your site article and contents, Google will appreciate it and you have better chance in ranking your website.

Bonus: Be mobile responsive. With more people using mobile to access the internet today, it’s is crucial to have a mobile responsive website – a compact version of your website when is viewed on mobile phones or tablet devices. If your readers have to keep on zooming your website in their mobile devices because the font is too small to read, then you need to optimize your website to be mobile friendly.



Syaf is the Founder at Brand Chapter Agency, a branding and web design agency with clients across all industries.

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